A world where I custom-weave various forms of vibrations to catalyse powerful transformations and unleash the magnificence that lies dormant within each of us.

I believe that our inner space is the final frontier and what an adventure that is!  I lovingly invite you to take my hand and together we will delve into the complex terrain that is magnificent, divine YOU and co-create magic!

It's exciting being on the leading edge of consciousness and pushing the boundaries of human potential and for those that dare to take the journey, it is liberating and exhilarating.

As a Vibrational Alchemist, visionary and modern day mystic, my purpose and passion is to serve humanity by facilitating transformations and reconnecting individuals to their birthright of empowerment, sovereignty, connection to Source and their own divinity.

I work with those that feel called to join me in my unique dance of channeled sound healing, energetic frequencies and high vibrational essential oils to clear, cleanse, support, empower, balance and restore harmony in a most loving, compassionate, effective way.

I teach classes on how to use essential oils for natural holistic wellness and to have the confidence in using these gifts of the earth for a low-toxin lifestyle. You can even enhance the vibration of your food and drinks with these pure essential oils and create mouthwatering treats to delight your tastebuds and senses.  I also offer business mentoring for those wanting to grow an essential oils business.

My circles, workshops and retreats offer a range of blissful experiences, including sound healing, meditations and delicious wholesome food, providing you with an opportunity to unplug and nourish yourself deeply in every way.



Vibrational Alchemy


Essential Oils


“Freedom, clarity, cleansing and healing… the world needs that."
~ Cristina Istrati, Bucharest, Romania


"Shifts via ripples of vibration through my body, awakening every cell"

~ Stephanie Kakris