Those who know me know I’m a BIG fan of essential oils and they are a match made in heaven for my work, utilising  the healing power of high vibrational pure plant essences.  

Aside from the fact that they’ve been prized and used by magicians, priestesses, healers and wise women for centuries, in different cultures around the world, today, I share essential oils wisdom with all my clients and loved ones for ONE main reason:

Essential oils are one of THE most powerful tools available to you for empowerment, raising your vibration and conscious co-creation.

These days, essential oils can even empower you financially. (More on that later.)

But even if you never use them as a vehicle to create wealth, these “Gifts of the Earth” are priceless tools on your journey of evolution. And here’s why..

When it comes to manifesting your big dreams, goals and visions there is ONE thing above all that determines your success:


In other words, “who you BE” on all levels:  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Essential oils can help you

  • Support and transform countless health symptoms and conditions. Essential oils are well-known for their therapeutic benefits for just about every area of health from head tension to hormones to digestive issues to seasonal threats to everything in between.
  • Elevate your moods – no matter what is going on.
  • Release and shift the patterns that keep you stuck.
  • Cleanse & release toxins from body and mind.
  • Cultivate the positive emotions that fuel your manifestations.
  • Support your wellness effectively in just about every way (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).
  • And sooo much more.

When you are healthy, happy, and an energetic match for your desires, you will create them in your life with ease.

Can essential oils help you get there?  You better believe they can!

Personally, I’ve used essential oils to help me

  • Shift longtime habits and patterns.
  • Perfectly complement my transformational vibrational alchemy work.
  • Stay centered, grounded and in a high vibration.
  • Support me through emotionally intense times including grief & loss and major life changes.
  • Enhance my meditation and yoga practice.
  • Raise the vibration of my food by adding them recipes and my drinking water.
  • Enjoy a low-toxin lifestyle by substituting healthcare, skincare, haircare, cleaning products and supplements with dōTERRA essential oils and products based on them.
  • Dial up my natural feminine radiance.

How To Get Started With Essential Oils

First things first – start with high quality essential oils!

Not all essential oils are created equal. You may have seen bottles of essential oil in places like the supermarket, pharmacies, department stores and markets. 

So how do you make sure you’re getting a high quality essential oil? How can you tell the difference? 

The dōTERRA standard, called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade or CPTG, is the dōTERRA commitment to providing the best possible essential oil products, through stringent testingsourcing, growing and harvesting practices.  I value this so highly.  I only recommend the use of dōTERRA essential oils because of this purity.  And their oils are ethically sourced from around the globe by a company committed to making the world a better place through their Co-Impact Sourcing and Healing Hands projects. 

Many of these essential oils are safe to ingest, identified by the supplement label on the bottle.  And these oils are not only food grade, they are therapeutic grade.  

Essential oils can provide immense and versatile support for your mind, body and soul simply, safely and naturally.  And I haven’t even started on how good they are in food!

I am creating a thriving business and teach a range of classes to help you explore the full potential that essential oils can offer to promote health, all aspects of wellness and delicious food.

Next – be sure you’re getting Wholesale prices

The Benefits of Opening a Wholesale Account

  • You get 25% off the retail pricing on all products, all the time!
  • There is a one off enrolment fee of $35 for the 1st year, which dōTERRA absorb when you purchase one of their great value kits (see below).  And renewing after the 1st year costs $25, which dōTERRA also absorbs by giving you a free 15ml bottle of peppermint oil! This company has extremely high standards, as well as being incredibly generous.
  • There is no requirement for a minimum order ($ value or how often you order).
  • You qualify for dōTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program, which gives you 25-55% off, and opportunity for free product. (I’ve earned $1500+ in free product credit over 2 years, just by placing orders for things I use everyday. 
  • Your membership with dōTERRA automatically gives you your own personal website to help you share these oils (if you wish).  The website is set up and maintained by dōTERRA. No work for you! You earn 25% profit on the purchases made by retail customers who purchase from your site.
  • dōTERRA creates your own personal virtual internet office site to place your orders. Ordering is easy and there is phone support support (a real voice) or live chat online to ask for help if you need it.

Enrolment kits make it easy to get started at the best deal

Which is the most popular kit?  (Scroll down to view kits)

The Home Essentials Kit comes with our 10 most popular oils and beautiful, functional petal diffuser. To buy all this separately wholesale would cost $415 plus $35 enrollment fee. Retail would cost over AU$500. 

The kit it only costs you $330 which includes your enrollment packet, wholesale membership, own site and private support! How awesome is that?!

The bottles are 15ml or 250 drops/bottle whereas the Essential Collection Kit (still a great budget friendly option) are 5ml bottles. The Home Essentials Kit is three times the value, plus a diffuser, for less than twice the price so you can start using the oils aromatically.

Then just add a fractionated coconut oil (FCO) to the kit and you can safely use the oils on your body.  FCO is like liquid velvet.  It is a carrier oil that is readily absorbed by the body, hydrating and nourishing it.  I believe what we put on our skin, the largest organ of our body, should be good enough to eat.  These oils are!

This is my favourite kit; it’s the one I started with.  I love it because it meets all our needs to begin with to help our body return to its natural state of health, vitality, great sleep and joy.  Then month by month, and bit by bit, you can replenish your oils and add new oils and products to your home range.  This is my favourite kit; its the one I started with.  I love it because it meets all our immediate needs too begin with to help our body return to its natural state of health, vitality, great sleep and joy.  Then month by month, and bit by bit, you can replenish your oils and add new oils and products to your home range.

Other Kits

Nature's Solution Kit - best value savings!

This is the best value enrolment kit that packs a punch in savings.  The recommended retail price for all these incredible products is $1,124.42. As an enrolment kit, it costs you $635 + shipping, and includes your wholesale membership. That is a saving of $464.47!

And, when you place an order of 100PV value or more the following month (approximately $120 worth), you will receive 100 free product points back to spend on whatever you like (over $100 value)!

Oils: You receive 15ml bottles of Digestzen, Purify, Tea Tree, Oregano, AromaTouch, Frankincense, Lavender Peace, Easy Air, Citrus Bliss, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Smart & Sassy, Lemongrass, On Guard, 10ml bottles of PastTense, Clary Calm and a 5ml bottle of Ice Blue.

Oil products: Ice Blue Rub, Correct X, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Easy Air Vapour Stick, Petal Diffuser, doTERRA engraved wooden box, On Guard Cleansing toothpaste, On Guard Foaming Handwash (with 2 Dispensers), On Guard Beadlets, an introductory pack and it includes your enrolment (valued at $34).

Oil Sharing Kit
Consider this kit if you intend sharing oils.  You save over $131, start on a higher Loyalty Rewards percentage (20%), and dōTERRA give you 200PV in credit towards future purchases.

Make your Own Collection

Maybe you have a specific way you want to incorporate essential oils into your life and the kit options don’t suit.  No problem at all!  You can cherry pick the oils you love, include the wholesale registration fee of $35, and you are good to go.

Local Range
To view the full range of products and kits that can be purchased from within Australia, click here.  Prices are in Australian dollars.

International Range
To view the full range of products available internationally, click here.  All prices are in US dollars - exchange rates apply.

To view the current catalogue, click here. 

I am happy to answer any of your oil questions, or run a class for you to help you on your oil adventure.  

Please connect with me here.

Open your own Wholesale Account

Click here to enrol with a wholesale account and enjoy the savings.  Then follow this simple procedure.

  1. Select your language and country. 
  2. On the next screen, it is already defaulted to Wholesale Customer.  Click on “Continue.”
  3. On the next screen, you’ll enter your info.
  4. ALSO: the site should pre-populate the Enroller ID and Sponsor ID with my number, but if not, it’s 2258478.  Make sure to enter my number so I get notified and can help you!
  5. Remember to create a password and accept the terms & conditions. Then hit “Continue."
  6. Set up your first order! This is the fun part! Select the kit you want or the $35 option (membership waived with a kit) and customise by typing in the names of the products you want below.
  7. Hit “Continue” and follow the on-screen instructions to enter your credit card information and complete your order. That’s it!!

What if I want to ask some questions?

If you would prefer to discuss with me which kit would best meet your needs and get started with a wholesale account simply connect with me.  We can also chat via Skype or Zoom and I will set it up for you in as little as 5 minutes. You can join our team whether you live in Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe or many other countries around the world.

How do I create an incredibly abundant business with essential oils?

This is a wonderful, totally optional part of having a wholesale account with dōTERRA and I would love to support you on this journey and teach you just how simple it can be to create a thriving, ethical, joyful and truly abundant business.

Do you live outside of Australia?

Please connect with me directly or through my facebook page if you live in a different country and I can help you with the kits in your country.


The Loyalty Rewards Program 

The best value offered by dōTERRA is signing up for the free Loyalty Rewards Program as part of your wholesale membership.  With this monthly purchase program, dōTERRA rewards you for your commitment to their products by providing incredible additional benefits.  

It is the best, most cost effective way to order.

Starting at 10%, and going up to a very generous 30%, dōTERRA lets you earn product credits on your purchases, which you can redeem for a small administration fee.

Placing your monthly Loyalty Rewards Order totalling 125PV or more, shipped before the 15th of the month and you get a free oil, called the Product of the Month or POM.  This oil varies each month and its a fantastic way to help you build up your oil collection.

Watch this video for a great explanation. 

PV – what is this?
dōTERRA place a point value or PV on every product they sell, to help create a common ground and product value since they are a global company covering many varied countries and currencies.  

The Loyalty Rewards Program gives you the ability to earn bonuses through various compensation schemes that can help you pay for your oils, or replace your full time income.  The choice is entirely up to you.  I would be honoured to show you how you can do this; I love empowering many people to realise their dreams.


I teach themed classes on the various ways to use these beautiful essential oils so you can learn how to best incorporate them into your lifestyle, including natural wellness solutions and low-toxin living, how to create blends to diffuse and aromatically dress with and create delicious healthy food!  I also facilitate divine sound + scent events which combine my sound healing with essential oils to transport you to a higher realm of  wellbeing.

These classes are delivered either in person or online depending on where you are in the world.  I invite you check them out on the Events page or click on the thumbnails on the Calendar.

Have I inspired you to welcome dōTERRA essential oils into your life?  I hope so.  Please connect with me if you would like to know more.


Most Popular Enrolment Kits

Healing Hands Foundation

Another big reason, apart from the pristine quality of the oils, that I aligned myself with doTERRA is their philanthropic endeavours through the Healing Hands Foundation.  Here are two that are close to my heart:

  • Operation Underground Railroad Rescue which rescues women and children who are trapped in sexual slavery.
  • Days for Girls which supplies young women in need with sustainable hygiene kits, education about their menstrual cycle, how to manage it and care for themselves so they can continue attending school during their moontime.

Disclaimer: Teresa Fino does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any techniques as a form of treatment for medical problems without the advice of a doctor, either indirectly or directly. In the event you use any of the information in this website for yourself, Teresa Fino does not accept responsibility for your actions.