“Shifts via ripples of vibration through my body, awakening every cell”

Teresa has a magical gift for healing using sound. During sessions I’ve had with Teresa, she has connected with her “spirit team” and accessed wisdom from above. Her toning is an experience that is difficult to describe. It sends ripples of vibration through my body and I always feel a shift after a session. It feels like it awakens every cell in my body. 

~ Stephanie Kakris, Melbourne, Australia

“Vocal healing sounds are divinely orchestrated to the heart of the issue”

I have had several Vibrational Alchemy sessions with Teresa. Her gift of vibrational sound healing is remarkable, with assistance from the higher realms she scans the body and with pin point accuracy can identify emotional blockages as well as the source of physical dis-ease. Each time I have come away from a session feeling lighter, enlightened and joyful, her vocal healing sounds are divinely orchestrated and vibrate at the very heart of your issue and I find it a down to earth experience.

 ~ Julie St Clair, Melbourne, Australia

“Freedom, clarity, cleansing and healing… the world needs that."
 ~ Cristina Istrati, Bucharest, Romania

“Recalibrating the structure of my DNA back into its natural state”

I had the pleasure to have a session with Teresa to let go of some frustrations about not assisting as many women as I know I could.

Teresa channelled some beautiful beings with whom I had a conversation to identify the core reason of this frustration. They then made the most divine and powerful sounds and I felt them penetrating every cell in my body and recalibrating the structure of my DNA back into its natural state. I left the session not only with more clarity, but also feeling opened, expanded and dropped more deeply into myself. Thank you for your beautiful gift and amazing voice, Teresa.

~ Krystal Alexander-Hille, Founder of Goddess Reawakening, Australia

“Truly gifted, with insights and a beautiful understanding of people”

I was not sure and wondered how effective a session over Skype would be. Yet it felt like we were in the same room! This was my first time doing any type of sessions over the internet and it was an amazing experience!!! Teresa is very professional and what I discovered is that she is truly gifted, with insights and a beautiful understanding of people. Using her technique during our session allowed me to feel safe and at ease, which in turned encouraged me to trust the process and journey at a pace that assisted me in understanding and clarifying my issues that surfaced, both past and present. I am better able to openly embrace why I am here and my life’s journey.  I am grateful for Teresa’s ability to make an ‘open space’ and facilitate my journey. I have no hesitation in recommending Teresa to you.

~ Anthony Goldsmith, Adelaide, Australia

“Relief from depression and gripping anxiety plaguing me for years”

When I went to Teresa for healing, I was at one of the lowest points and emotional states in my life.  I was plagued by depression and many fears and anxiety about my life and what the future held for me.

A truly gifted, empathic healer, Teresa worked her magic with me over several sessions to identify and remove the blocks and self-sabotaging beliefs that had me stuck and paralyzed with fear, particularly in the area of my finances.  What a relief to be free from the gripping anxiety that had plagued me for many years!

I now feel strongly in my power, with a positive outlook on life as I fearlessly go about creating the financial abundance I envision for myself. Teresa’s loving, authentic, compassionate nature is a beacon of light for humanity.  She is a gentle, yet powerful, healer and I am deeply appreciative of her beautiful healing work.  I highly recommend you give yourself the gift of being healed by her.

 ~ Mark Keating, Sydney, Australia

“Allowed me to see where difficulties and solutions lie”

Teresa’s beautiful spirit comes through in her delicate work in emotional healing.  Wings of her love will envelop you and transport you to a place of deep change.

Teresa supported me with relationship challenges. Primarily letting go of underlying anger and reconnecting more strongly with my son. The session revealed the answer to some present and immediate anger issues. I found ways to reconnect with my son and saw clearly how problems with my ex were due to my heartbreakingly inconsiderate behavior towards him. Teresa allowed me to see where difficulties and solutions lie. I can now make changes and communications at my own speed towards rectifying past hurts and making the future more in tune with my feelings and the relevant feelings of others. If you are thinking of working with Teresa – Definitely go for it!  Even just one session made a difference in my perceptions of how and why I am where I am, and where to go next.

~ Roberta Goodman, Big Island, Hawaii