Meet Teresa


I believe it’s very important to get to know someone before you interact and work with them. So allow me to introduce myself a little more and give you an up close and personal insight of who I am and snippets of my evolutionary journey so far.

Louise Hay's iconic book "You Can Heal Your Life" and Dr Wayne Dyer's "Real Magic" were the books that sparked my spiritual journey over 30 years ago when I had an unquenchable yearning for answers and deeper meaning in my life.  I have been a huge fan ever since and had the pleasure of meeting them both years ago when they were touring Australia together.  In fact I even trained as an Advanced Teacher of Louise's beautiful workshops.  Ever the eternal student, I studied and qualified in a number of modalities which now form the basis of my extensive toolkit.

A little history

Many people ask me how I came to be a sound healer. I am an ordinary, Australian-born Sicilian, who loves good food, yoga and travelling the world. I stumbled upon my gift years ago after experiencing the first of many dark nights of the soul and the long journey which ensued.

In 1998 I had severe clinical depression and had suffered a total breakdown – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It was during that long dark night of the soul when I was so incapacitated that all I could do was lie in bed in a darkened room every day that I found myself forced to examine my life and found illumination.

I remembered back 12 months earlier to the night I was awoken from my slumber at around 3am by what can best be described as a “visitation from God.” The outcome of that visit was the very clear message: “You have been searching for your talent in the physical world, but your talent is in the spiritual world. You have a great capacity to love people and you are here to be a guiding light in people's lives.”

My response was “Whoa, who me? I'm just a housewife, what do I know?” The very idea terrified me and so I promptly put it out of my mind and just went on with my life as usual.

So here I was lying in a darkened room for two months, bargaining with God to make me well. Isn't it interesting that at times we need to be literally brought to our knees before we pay attention. I was greeted with “have you forgotten me, child?” and was reminded of our conversation about my life purpose.

“Umm… err… ok God, you've got me there!”  That's when I figured out that God is not negotiable. Having been brought to my knees, I promised to be that light in the world. I would do anything to be healed and whole.

I was already heavily into personal development and spirituality, but I didn't know what my “thing” was so I explored a number of modalities and became a practitioner of a number of them.

Over the years I worked intuitively which prepared me for my first conscious channelling in 2011.  It was a bit clunky at first. I was introduced to my Spirit Team who I lovingly refer to as “the guys upstairs” who instructed me that I would receive on-the-job training. Talk about needing trust and faith on my part!  Initially I mentally edited what came through till I told my ego to take a back seat and surrendered to receiving the information.

Since that time the guys have orchestrated the perfect clients for me to learn and expand my gift, with each one progressively more challenging and stretching me with their on-the-job training.

I have become adept at sound healing by channelling vocal tones combined with energy that emanates from my hands. Think Reiki multiplied by a factor of 100!  I am on a lifelong journey to deepen my knowledge, explore and uncover what lies deep in my soul knowledge.

The human part of me doesn't fully understand the work I do, but the results and feedback from clients around the world speak for themselves and never cease to amaze me.

In 2016 I was guided by Spirit to visit Egypt to connect with the energies of the ancients and my past lives there as a Priestess, being activated and awakening my dormant capacities. Toning in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza remains a highlight of my life! Clients who had experienced my toning work prior to going to Egypt and again afterwards all commented that the tones that were coming through were much more powerful and exquisitely pure.

Once again, in 2017, Spirit nudged me to travel to India and Nepal to connect with the energies of eastern vocal traditions. It feels as if I was being guided to round out my vocal education. I attended a marvellous 8 day vocal retreat where I learned to sing in the Classical Hindustani tradition and Vedic chanting.

I received guidance to start incorporating instruments in conjunction with my voice. Since then I have birthed my own shamanic drum as well as collecting a Tanpura from India and a Tibetan singing bowl and cymbals in Nepal on my travels.

Where will this all lead, I don't know. I am just the faithful servant in service to humanity and sharing my unique vibration with the world. I await the next unfolding and unveiling...

Some random things you may not know about me

  • Advanced Teacher of Louise Hay's 'You Can Heal Your Life' programs
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner
  • Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner
  • Reiki I + II Practitioner
  • Facilitated work with people living with HIV and a 'midwife to the dying'
  • Served on the Committee of PFLAG for 3 years and marched in Pride March
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Internationally published co-author with Dr Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen and Brian Tracy et al
  • Creator of Prosperity Transformation Adventure Workshop
  • Co-host of over 80 online seminars and weekly radio programs "Enlighten Up With Tess & Bess"
  • Swam with wild dolphins off the Big Island of Hawaii
  • Spent a magic week on a catamaran off Fraser  Island in the enthralling company of whales
  • Met Louise Hay, Dr Wayne Dyer, SARK, Esther & Jerry Hicks
  • Mother of two adult children
  • Lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 3 years
  • Grand adventures around the globe
  • Ocean child and mermaid